Management Philosophy

Swartz Architecture, DPC has extensive experience in pre-construction services, estimating and scheduling, planning, architectural design, construction management, and post-occupancy evaluation. We use a variety of delivery methods from conventional design and bid, to simultaneous fast-track, to design/build. We constantly incorporate value engineering, a process of reviewing design and construction systems for the best possible value, considering both first cost and operating cost.

With all methods, we take schedules very seriously. Our approach to maintaining or accelerating a project schedule is three-fold. First, we examine the project at the beginning, and regularly there-after, to insure that any opportunity to accelerate the completion of an activity is fully utilized. Secondly, we make sure that the project's information library is complete, comprehensive and accurate. Lastly, we multitask and coordinate a spectrum of activities to keep the project as a whole moving forward on schedule.

As a firm, we are dedicated to the concept of total quality management. The foundation of our quality philosophy is constant communication with our customer, insuring that the project is fulfilling the owner's desires and needs. We build on this through keeping each member of the team focused on the goals of the project. One aspect of this is to stream-line procedures and keeps the project team down to the minimum numbers of players to reduce bureaucracy. Two of our support strategies leading to high quality standards are careful research ranging from comprehensive investigations to simple phone calls, and decisive problem solving.

In the end, the success of a project will be measured by Owner satisfaction. Swartz Architecture, DPC strives to leave the client pleased with both the process and the finished project. We recognize that the Owner has final authority over all aspects of design and construction and it is imperative to keep the Owner involved and informed from start to finish.

Management Chart
Management Chart

When considering issues of cost management, quality control, and compliance with performance schedules; one need look no further than two of our most technical clients - the County of Dutchess and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Both the County and the Church require pin point accuracy during all phases of work and a high degree of visibility and participation in all project activities.

The County must closely watch and document the expenditure of all monies because all projects are under the close scrutiny of not only the executive and legislative branches, but the general public as well. Our office has been called upon to assist in all aspects of project development including legislative presentations and post-occupancy consultation.

The Dutchess County Courts project was our largest endeavor to date with the County. Due to the onset of prolonged economic downturn in Dutchess County, punctuated by the downsizing of IBM, the original $60 million Capital Plan required massive deductions to ease the tax burden. We were retained by the County of Dutchess to prioritize the goals and objectives of the original plan, reducing it to under $20 million, while complying with the OCA mandate that work begin immediately.

As the project was prime bid under Wicks Law, project tracking was exceptionally complex and strict adherence to the establish timetable was imperative.   While tackling contractor disputes and delays, uncooperative utility companies, and the onset of a harsh winter, the project was delivered on time and within budget.   The project was completed for less than $17 million and at $114 per square foot. As Director of the design team and Senior Architect for the new 70,000 square foot Family Court Building, we investigated issues of cost management - life cycle vs. capital investment , move-management logistics and planning; as well as security and prisoner movement on a restricted urban site.


Dutchess County Family Court
Dutchess County Family Court Steel

The Mormon Church is a "volume builder" and completes an average of one church per day throughout the North American continent. However, unlike many "volume" organizations, quality is of the utmost concern as buildings must be maintenance free and remain fully functional during an average life span of 50 years. As with the County, the Church relies heavily on its consultants for management of time, construction efficiency and budgetary containment. These concerns are foremost, as the development group processes numerous building projects simultaneously. All techniques of project management have been time tested and field proven. Many of their management tools and forms have been adopted as part of our project management system as we further refine the quality of services we offer.   All Church projects have been delivered on time and either at or under budget.

Church of Latter-Day Saints; Schenectady
Church of Latter-Day Saints; Schenectady, NY